Genesis automation produces solutions satisfying projects by perfectly analyzing its customers’ needs with its expert engineering staff. The company produces LV panels for the projects that it performs about cabling, energizing, energy supply to the machinery of manufacturing facilities, automation panels ensuring communication during the manufacturing process and controlling machinery, driver panels controlling machinery, MCC panels and control panels.

Low voltage panel

Genesis Automation, which is focused on safety, security and adaptation for satisfying its customers’ needs, designs and manufactures flexible and modular systems.

Genesis Automation, which believes in potency of quality and customer satisfaction, provides factory power equipment and cabling services specific to the projects and needs with its high engineering skills and completes prestigious projects.

Automation Panel
Genesis Automation provides turnkey automation systems for factories in any industry. Genesis Automation supports the customer and the power distribution unit with modern, safe and industry- proven products. The company follows technologic developments closely and updates its systems accordingly. It combines field communication components, driver technology and robotic software platform to provide an automation panel with a scalable stable modular and strong control system for management of factory manufacturing processes. Thus, it provides solution diversity at reasonable performance, complexity and costs. Genesis Automation Panel Systems guarantee the best performance and quality with the option of managing, separating numerous dimensions and installation of all devices at perfect integration level.
MCC Panel

Genesis Automation Motion Control Systems Panel has a design suitable for the projects of factory manufacturing line and contains technologies supporting processes focused on performance with its speed and reliability.

Genesis Automation MCC Panels, which feed the engines in the system uninterruptedly and protect them from over voltage and low voltage and control them, include communication substructure for communication with PLC, central automation and SCADA systems. These high quality products guarantee that the processes run uninterruptedly with high performance and in harmony.

Control panel
Genesis Automation control panels ensure that all units run smoothly and safely. Because each unit has independent safety and control systems, in case of any failure in any unit, other units keep running smoothly. Their thermal protection content protects the engines in case of over current or phase interruption. The whole system can be controlled by a computer or manually if required. The panel is protected against dust and humidity. It produces audiovisual alarms even in case of power interruption in case of a failure to guarantee safety of the system and the user. Its 1st grade components guarantee maximum safe operational conditions.
Driver panel

Genesis Automation Driver Panels are designed to improve your company’s productivity, performance and efficiency. It ensures flexibility helping optimization of your processes and controls while it’s reliable for less interruption.

Many servo/motion systems in the system provide different solutions for applications in a wide range. Operation through standard pulse outputs or SSCNET allows adaptation of the application to special needs. The frequency inverter in the product is the most important component of a factory automation system.

Eso Industrial Automation, which follows innovative technology closely, offers fast, powerful and easy-to-use driver solutions with the latest generation processors, advanced software models and state-of-the-art power electronics technology tailored to the specific needs of its customers.