Project Preparation

In GENESIS, automation projects are performed by the engineers working for the project department. Our projects are designed according to our KYS standards that we have prepared; however, they can be made in comply with the customer’s standards on request.

Our project preparation process begins with preparation of the design plan after the details of the work to be done have been agreed with the customer. After the design has been started, the drawings are reviewed at certain stages and at the end of the work, accuracy of the project as a whole is verified. The prepared project is submitted to the customer for its “temporary acceptance”.

Any changes demanded by the customer, if any, are made on the project to ensure “final acceptance”.

The equipments, cables, connectors and pages that are used in our projects have a specific coding system.

Our projects are made readable and understandable very easily through this system and this significantly facilitates the assembly process.

Our project documentation;

Material list
Remarks about the coding system
Project element symbols
Single line scheme
Control and power schemes
PLC I/O Lists
PLC Connection schemes
Panel internal and external views
Connector lists